Parents Think Gunshot Wound Is Their Daughter’s First Period


Just when you thought that parents couldn’t be any less observant of their children, this story pops up.

A 10-year-old girl in Northern California woke up very confused recently, when she saw some blood in her underwear. Naturally, the parents believed it was the girl’s first period, and judged the bleeding to be “consistent with menstruation.”

However, after the bleeding continued and the pain increased, her parents decided to investigate further. After performing a “full body inspection,” the parents realized their daughter had been shot in her sleep by a drive-by shooter. Thankfully, he bullet must’ve been drastically slowed down, because it didn’t create a very large wound.

Hayward, California police aren’t sure why the shooting went down, but they do believe the family might have been a target.

Source: IFWT


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