Non-Profit Gives Young People ‘Hip Hop 4 Life’


There have been many deaths in the world of hip-hop that could’ve been prevented possibly if the people involved knew how to properly channel their anger. There’s one organization hoping to help the youth raised by hip-hop to find new ways to deal with anger and other issues.

Hip Hop 4 Life in a non-profit organization that helps youth deal with possibly combative situations.

Launched back in 2002, following the death of Jam Master Jay, the organization has gained the support of several celebrities along the way, including MC Lyte, Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade, Nick Cannon and Michaela Angela Davis.

Their program helps 10th and 11th grade students learn life skills lessons, college and career planning, health and nutrition workshops, as well as the opportunity to plan events and community service projects.

EBONY did a great piece on the organization and the it’s founder. Read the full story here

Source: EBONY



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