Event: The Bar Exam (@BarExamOpenMic) Invades The A3C Festival This Year (Photo)


Coming to A3C this year for the first time will be the Bar Exam showcase.

The event started at Apache Cafe in Atlanta 8 months ago. It’s purpose was to shine light on some of the up-coming artist in Atlanta that you might not hear on the radio’s or in the strip clubs. With a high emphasis on lyrical talent, the showcase has been the launching pad for some of the cities best and brightest.

This year, the showcase will be one of the official A3C shows.

Presented  by Nokia, Fly Boy Entertainment’s Me’Mo, and House of Blended Ink (HOBI), the showcase will highlight a few of the amazing artists on the verge of stardom that have helped bring my vision of The Bar Exam to life. Names like  Billionaire B and Buggs The Rocka. Plus, Nigerian emcee Me’Mo will be sharing his music and story with the world in his first U.S festival.

There is still time to register for the show. A handful of slots are still open for the showcase. If interested in signing up here

The showcase goes down October 5th at Space 2 in Atlanta. Doors open at 6pm.


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