Gun Control” The NRA Says We Need To Get The ‘Homicidal Maniacs’ Off Streets (Video)

Wayne LaPierre

When it comes to gun control, the NRA’s stance has always been less is more. Even with the weight of the Sandy Hook and Newtown school shootings, the NRA stood strong on their normal stance.

The group may be close to easing up some on an a few of their views.

The NRA’s Executive Vice President, Wayne LaPierre went on Meet The Press to speak about gun control. This time, in light of the Navyyard shooting that took place earlier this week.

Pierre said that greater efforts are needed to identify and lock up mentally ill people who are dangerous. He went on to speak about the nation’s mental health system and laid the blame on them for the rash of shootings saying,

“If we leave these homicidal maniacs on the street … they’re going to kill,” he said. “They need to be committed is what they need to be. If they are committed, they’re not at the Naval Yard.”

Watch Lapierre’s complete interview NBC News


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