Two Can Play That Game: Paula Patton Twerks On Al Roker Live On TV (Video)

paula patton

Paula Patton has been facing nothing but negative publicity since her husband got a lapdance from Miley Cyrus during the MTV VMA awards. The night got worse for Patton after pictures surfaced later in the week of her husband, Robin Thicke’s hand up another girls skirt. All this while Patton was in the room.

After taking questions about both situations left and the right, Patton who will be starring in the film “Baggage Claim,” has handled everything like a G. His latest stop on the promo run for the film had her talking with Al Roker on NBC Today.


Patton who has said that she didn’t think Miley’s dance was all that serious, showed how much it wasn’t serious to her! Watch as Patton puts on a twerk display of her own on Al Roker.

Sidenote: Al Roker had a great morning


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