Heavy Bars: Man Attempting to Deadlift 600 Pounds Passes Out (Video)

dead lift

If you’ve ever been to the gym, then you’ve witnessed this guy. He’s standing over a bar, hands full of talcum powder. He’s dressed like he’s participating in the Olympics. After sevearl loud grunts, he attempts to look like more weight than any man can possibly handle. Then he squats down to lift up that weight and…..fails miseralbly.

That happened to YouTuber MikeBURRITO. He posted a video of himself achieving a personal record on his deadlift. He tries to add 30 pounds to his personal bets when his body tells him, “chill lil homie.”

His caption is epic

At the Kosciuszko Community Center Deadlift competition in 2013 I weighed in at 239lbs. my opening lift was 525, then I PRd my second lift at 570, then took a quick nap after trying 600.

Check out the video below


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