Big Baby: 72-Pound Toddler Becomes Youngest To Undergo Gastric Bypass


We reported earlier this week that obesity in the United States. The issue isn’t just central to the U.S. The issue of obesity is one that many around the world struggle with.


A morbidly obese two-year-old boy from Saudi Arabia recently became the youngest person ever to have undergone gastric bypass surgery. The oversized tot weighed 72.7 lbs and had a body mass index of 41 when he had the surgery in 2010.


According to the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, the toddler’s parents took him to an endocrinologist when he was 14 months old and weighed in at 46 pounds. All his tests came back normal, but after four months on a doctor-prescribed diet, the kid gained 17 more pounds. How did that happen?


“Although the parents were informed about the importance of a strict dietary regimen a full compliance cannot be ascertained mainly due to the different socio cultural habits and the absence of the practice of calculating the calorific value of the diet,” the report says.


The added weight led to severe sleep apnea as well as “bowing of the legs.” The tot was then referred to an obesity clinic and he gained 18 more lbs. Doctors then made the decision to perform the surgery.


The surgery was deemed successful and the boy’s weight has dropped down to 52.9 pounds.


Based on the report, it seems the child’s parents didn’t comply with instructions and frequently missed appointments.

Source: Bossip


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