Change.Org Challenges The NFL’s Tax Exempt Status


Who would ever knew that the multi-billion dollar industry that is the NFL is actually a tax-exempt business. Quiet as it’s kept, the NFL is technically a non-profit organization. We all know that’s not the case. Between ticket sales, television deals and merchandising, the NFL draws in billions annually. And there not the only ones! The PGA and NHL enjoy the same benefits.

So why are they allowed to be exempt from paying taxes? People are starting to wonder the same thing!

Sen. Tom Coburn  proposed an amendment to the Marketplace Fairness Act that would end the NFL’s exemption from taxation.



Today a petition circulated online from hoping to get enough names to congress so that they would strip the NFL of it’s tax exempt status.

Read more about their petition here and find out what Sen. Coburn has planned here

Source: ESPN,


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