Deaths From Synthetic Marijuana Prompts Colorado Health Investigation


Over at the are what you call weed connoisseurs. What we won’t do is smoke anything that is not from the ground, so this next story does not pertain to us.

In Colorado more than 150 people are now believed to have been sickened by synthetic marijuana in Colorado, which legalized recreational use of real pot last November. Three people may have died.

State and federal investigators are scrambling to identify the exact source of the illnesses. The state health department has named about a dozen illicit products, often sold as “incense,” that it believes are responsible for at least some off the illnesses. The stuff goes by names like “Spice,” “Crazy Clown” and “Dead Man Walking.”

Real marijuana is widely available in Colorado. The state legalized pot for medical use in 2000, and hundreds of dispensaries statewide sell it to licensed patients, generally adults.

Read more about this epidemic and what Colorado plans to do about it here

Source: NPR


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