When Joe Biden Talks: The Vice President Hits GOP ‘Neanderthal Crowd’


One thing about Vice President Joe Biden is he speaks his mind. Now, sometimes when he speaks he sounds of out his mind, but that just comes with the territory. Recently, Biden said some things that will most definitely not help the POTUS anytime soon.

Recently, while speaking at an event honoring the 19th anniversary of the VAWA, Biden described some House Republicans as a “Neanderthal crowd” for seeking to oppose re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act earlier this year.

He literally proclaimed before going into his speech that “I’m going to say something outrageous.” After that, he went on to say this

“I think I understand the Senate better than any man or women who’s ever served in there, and I think I understand the House … I was surprised this last time … The idea we still had to fight? We had to fight to reauthorize?”

That’s when Biden blamed “this sort of Neanderthal crowd” in the House, a reference to some conservative Republicans.

“Did you ever think we’d be fighting over, you know, 17, 18 years later to reauthorize this?” Biden said, to audible “no’s” in the audience



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