Devin the Dude Set To Release “One for the Road” On October 8th

Devin The Dude

Prolific Houston rapper Devin the Dude is teaming up once again with eOne Music for the release of a splifftastic new album, One For the Road, due out on October 8, 2013.

The first single, “Probably Should Have,” can be heard here.  A video for the song will follow shortly.

The album was be preceded by a digital 6-song E.P. titled “Seriously Trippin’,” which is currently available on iTunes.

Devin the Dude is the rare artist that is a favorite of both fans and musicians.  His impressive storytelling skills have made him one of the most respected and sought-after artists in the industry, and one of the few emcees who have worked with the best of underground and mainstream artists.

He has released seven solo albums, including his acclaimed 2010 album for eOne Music, Suite 420. Devin’s sophomore effort, Just Tryin’ To Live, was named by Complex Magazine as one of The 100 Best Albums of the Complex Decade, stating, “ …’Just Trying’ Ta Live’ was everything you needed when life got a little too hectic. A decade later, it’s still one of our favorites.”



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